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p r e s s t h e l i k e b u t t o n t o o m a n y t i m e s, a n d u w i l l n e e d to p u r c h a s e a n e x t er n a l j u nk f o l d e r. d o w n l o a d 1 g b o f m u si c, a n d n e w m u s i c w i l l i n v e nt i t s el f to m o r r ow. t i n y c h at w i th h y p e r r e al f r i e n ds. p o s t i n g a n ar ti c le a b o u t 3-d p r i n t e r s . t r a n s i t i o n a l p e r i o d. d e ad jpegs. d i gi t al r e nn ai s an ce. w a i ti n g p e r i o d a n g ry b ir d s for i P a d

Ailanthus Recordings AR065

R u ready 4 the 21st Century?

We are living in a time of posts. Post-posts. Post-9/11, Post-Myspace, Post-post-modern, Post-future. Post-everything. James Ferraro said we were living in a Post-Ariel Pink world. I will go farther and say we are living in a post-James Ferraro world. Information accelerates through the internet in an ever-increasing pace you can/t make sense of. You could post music on the internet today, and somebody will remix it tomorrow, then another will borrow an idea from the remix two hours later. It is hard to define exactly what this means. Through post-modernism, recycling the past and reforming into another angle was all that was left to do. The 20th century produced the other spectrum of art, it protested, broke the rules, it won, now what’s left? 2013 is part of a slow transition towards the digital rennaisance. We are in a “Post-Photoshop” world, we create with our phones, awaiting the transformation of the Technological Singularity, to create worlds with our minds A state of limbo, where all there is left to do is play for what seems to be an eternity. But playing is entertaining! And the more players you have in the game, the more of a chance that the next evolutionary leap will occur. We await for the mutation that will change the code 4ever.
We want more hypereality, we want more possibilities. This is why people are so enthralled with the social media rhelm. It is a new way of communicating with humans in the world.
Recently establishing a new Facebook account for the second time, something was very different from the last time I joined. Having recently experimented with making online contacts and establishing friendships with people I will never meet in my life through mediums like Twitter and Soundcloud, I was fascinated how we can share information with each other in Facebook, and the immediate impact it can have as an artist. I became rapt with pages like Post-Internet www.facebook.com/pages/Post-Internet/331085600257086 which provided excellent essays and theories of our Internet culture, and some of the digital imagery that flood our everyday web from the Museum of Internet www.facebook.com/MuseumOfInternet?ref=profile
Within this limitless ocean of data, we can personalize our interests with the genius invention of the share button.
“Post-Photoshop” was influenced from both interaction and sharing on Facebook! It sounds strange, but it is absolutely accurate. A perfect example: the album artwork. I was influenced by the Facebook page cloque, specifically this digital piece entitled “Liquid Crystal” by Jennifer Mehigan cloaque.org/tagged/jennifer-mehigan From getting a better understanding of how memes work in the progression of art culture, I understood that it was okay to borrow her idea and make it my own. The album cover is a mutation of a CULTURAL MEME GENE. The music from “Post-Photoshop” comes from my perspective of pre-existing information that has been accumulated from my “likes” and other human/s “shares” This is nothing new. This is 2o13. The harsh sounds are no accident. It is 2o13. The old is phasing out and it.s death sounds like a decomposed jpeg. The new is here, but it is not entirely new, it issomething else, but it has an orb light that will hover over the world that the hyperreal has left behind. This is “Post-Photoshop”.

1> s i r i u s- the pleasant Apple assistant “Siri” left behind Baudrillard/s Desert of the Real.

2> e x p l o r e r- Sample of an 80/s Japanese Computer Commercial slowed down, with the Macbook Pro Volume sound effect ‘pop’ as a rhythm, and a Larry King sample. This track was recorded on the same day of the release, only six hours old at the time of it/s release date.

3> p r I v a c y f o l d e r- accidents and the Tenori ON, a post-instrument.

4> i n s t a l l a t I o n- Windows 95, perfect example of a cultural meme, particularily in the Vaporwave community. Sound effects samples from a Hollywood film.

5> c o n n e c t- without getting feedback on a Facebook message (“Sounds like angelic cloud solo”) this track would not exist. Also finished the day of the release.

6> w e l c 0) m e u s e r- Too much time online is exhausting. The 1st time you turned your computer on in 95, you heard a Brian Eno soundtrack. Now you hear this.

7> p a n t h e o n- the great building of Rome, reduced to a copy in Google images. Context gone. And I don/t even understand, and that is 2o13.

8>e n c r y p t i o n- Your computer is being watched, and it can only be traced through the hyperreal. They know about this essay, assuming you downloaded it. Wikileaks sample at the end.

9> s e r I e s f I n a le- Season I of DIY PYRAMID is over. Season 2 begins with a cassette tape.


released August 8, 2013



all rights reserved